We at LINDQUIST are artists and makers. In the midst of a world in a rush, we are committed to thinking broadly, ethically, and generationally. Every object from our studio will be characterized by the timelessness and collaborative spirit of artisan craft.


The Swedish word Lagom suggests items that are in balance, in moderation: perfect-simple. Each LINDQUIST piece will reflect the work of artists inspired by this ethos. The designers and artisans at LINDQUIST focus on naturally-dyed leather goods made for living, made to last, growing patina with each passing year. LINDQUIST objects are designed to be with you for the long haul, developing character alongside you through a lifetime of use.


Each LINDQUIST piece is embossed with a symbol which tells the story of how your piece came to be. The numbers represent which edition your bag is and the letters represent which Artist worked on your piece. Learn more about Decoding your bag and about our Artists here.